Teen Boys Games 1 (TBG1) free preview video clip


Four hot young straight Latino guys fooling around and playing with their cocks
(dick comparisons, wanking contests), and all releasing their loads 🙂

This is a free preview video clip made with extracts of the clips 01 and 02 of “TeenBoysGames 1 (TBG1)” (of 5 clips in total for this set TBG1).
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(“TBG” means “TeenBoysGames”, that was a little site that I made in the past for that kind of content, but I terminated many of those sites (CC, C18B, BFL, TCB, TBG, YEB…) because it was too much complicated, so I’ve put the content here in YSB.)

This session was rather crazy 🙂 And very funny and natural.
In fact, it was quite improvised. With some the guys that you already know (“TCB“, his brother Renaldo, and the two pals Damian and Freddy, and two other guys, we organized a sort of little party in my flat.
I had just bought a little laser light (discotheque-like), and it as enough, with some drinks but not that much.
I proposed them to earn some money, they all knew already what it was about (except one who agreed to do the things, but who later never agreed to sign an “model’s release” authorization, that’s why you will see some blurring or masking sometimes in this set (but it’s not too much annoying)).
There was Roldan also but he did not participate (and at that time I thought that he would never be interested.
There are all the usual “straight guys fooling around” things : “helicopter” (with dick), ass showing, pretending to fight or to fuck another one, dick comparisons, and some kind of “wanking contest” ! 🙂 With cumming for all of them.
At the end, Damian was the last one who did not yet cum, so he wanked alone in the room (with me recording) and it was nice.
I really like this guy, he is so sexy. He has a big surgical scar, and so what ? His cock is delicious (I could taste it in “Damian 2”).

After that, they all sl_pt in the flat, and before that, I asked them if they would agree to earn more cash if I recorded them (about sex, of course) while they were s___ing, and they all agreed (TBG, his brother Renaldo, Damian and Freddy.
I could record two of them (Renaldo and Damian) and it was very good (Damian cummed in my hand while I was masturbating him, and I could wank the hard big cock of Renaldo but he did not cum then, so I asked him to do that in the bathroom, after waking up.
But I can not (or hardly) publish this type of content here at YSB, because it is forbidden by the credit cards companies (they consider it as “non consensual”, even if I have all the proofs that the boys agree). So I had to publish those parts 6 and 7 in my little site dedicated for that, BoysVoyeur.com (“Boys 17 and 18”).

There are “only” 4 TBG sets, at least as of now in 2021, and I don’t think that I will do more in the future because it’s not so easy to find the proper conditions (apartment, friends…).
But it is very good. TBG 2, 3 and 4 are much more elaborated, I bought various accessories and “adult games”, and I made them play really crazy things.
The best of all is that with all that “game” atmosphere, in fact they managed to do some very “sexual” things (in particular when they fuck their friends in a “sex mattress”, and there is even a moment when Junior almost ass-fucks Osvaldo… Hey, that’s the game 🙂 And the more “points” they were earning, the more money they were paid at the end 🙂
In TBG 2, 3 and 4 there is also Tyree (with his big heavy “tool”) and also Roder in another set (with his big cock too 🙂
You will love it 🙂 It’s all fresh and full of life! 🙂

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