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I noticed this cute young man sitting always at the same place in town, near my block, almost every night. Then I sat near him. He was there for the wifi of a nearby spot (ice-cream shop), for his smartphone. I talked about “pictures”. Little by little, I mentioned “swimsuits” and then “boxers” and then “sexy boxers” (like I usually do since a few years). He insisted about “no pics of my intimate parts” and I said yes, let’s see what we can do anyway. It took him several weeks to decide to come for the first session. We had to make this whole set over several days, mostly because of electricity shortages. I took a lot of time, slowly, to have him doing “the job” (sex), which he finally understood. I said “you can always keep a cloth on your cock”, but finally (and fortunately) we managed to have his cock nude and hard and producing cumshots 🙂 This is (another) good example about how I manage to drive almost any boy spotted anywhere, to get nude, erect, wanking, and cumming ! And all this is honest, because the boys don’t regret what they did (or very rarely) (and the best proof is that they usually insist for more “jobs” later – as you can see with sets “2”, “3” etc.), and they admit that they would never do it if I told them all the truth at the beginning. In a video clip of Walfeny, you may also notice that I pay the boys in several parts (approximately 8), which helps (for motivation and trust – this way, they clearly see the link between their sex and money : more exposed and more hard = more money).

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