Allan session 2 – This ultra-cute reluctant straight boy accepted to be sucked, and made big “fireworks” of sperm!


Breath-taking straight teen boy with a hard stiff cock, being touched and sucked, and making 11 seconds of cum shots!

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The blurring effect on his face
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NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

See his other pictures and his video clips uncensored!
(free access to thumbnails in Members area)



See his other pictures and his video clips uncensored!
(free access to thumbnails in Members area)


See his other pictures
and his video clips

(free access to thumbnails in Members area)


Allan is so handsome! I know it, of course, but every time I look at his photos and videos, I am still stunned by his “perfect beauty”.
While editing the photos of this session, I was thinking that it is almost unbelievable that I managed to find a boy so “perfect” (from my point of view).
But it was also very very difficult. It even seemed impossible, at the beginning, to manage to “convince” him. (See the “description” in the set “Allan“). It took a long time.
He is rather “uncatchable”…

I find this “Allan 2” session a “pure joy”!
The first session was perhaps a little frustrating because I didn’t touch him, since it was a promise I had made to him, to manage to decide him to accept this “little job”.
Indeed, his main fear was that of “the fags”…

In this second session, it was really very different, because I had warned him that I was going to touch him, and so he accepted it in advance, it was a condition.
And in fact he liked it very much, that I touched him!
His face doesn’t show it at all, but his cock does 🙂

You can see, already in the shower, that his cock grows very fast, when I start to touch a little 🙂
His dick is rather small when it’s flaccid, but when he’ s hard, I think it’s not small at all, and I love the fact that when he’s erect his dick is very very stiff (pointing upwards) and very very hard ! 🙂
Plus, he has a big glans! (i.e. dick head)
I think one could “fall in love with his dick” (and I know that a lot of girls are hanging around him :-)).
Just with his “dream” face, he only has to snap his fingers to “fuck” any girl or woman. He’s irresistible, isn’t he?

What I also love in this session (as in the others) with him is his facial expression, a bit macho and arrogant, and “politely and patiently bored”…
It’s true that he did these “little jobs” only for the money.
But it is undeniable that he enjoyed being fondled and sucked, as you can see from the hardness of his sex, even if – out of “macho pride” probably – his face remains constantly impassive.
If one is very, very attentive, one can see (or guess?) a very, very slight beginning of a smile (of contentment) sometimes, notably when he sees his cock in erection, very big and very hard 🙂
This is “the man’s pride” 🙂

Here is what happened during this session:

– Clip 01 (shower):

To start, some “normal” photos (and videos) with his beautiful black shirt. He is undeniably breathtakingly beautiful.
I had asked him to come with his white shirt, because I loved the way he looked in that shirt and his blue jeans the first time I saw him on the street.
But for the first session he had forgotten it, although I had insisted.
And for this second session I insisted even more, and he told me it was OK and that he had been able to bring it in his backpack… Yes, except that instead of a white shirt, it was a black shirt… He replied that “it’s the same, but black”… (sigh… :-))
Well, in these cases, it’s better not to think too much, you have to “do with what you got”…
And it’s true that even with a black shirt instead of white, it’s really beautiful, in my opinion.
To illustrate what I just wrote, I tried to make two “white shirt simulations” with PhotoShop, quickly. You can see these two pictures, but the result is not good enough, it doesn’t really look like a white shirt (especially the second picture). It only gives a small idea.

Then, he took a shower with some boxers or swimming trunks which quickly became quite transparent (especially the light blue beach brief at the end), I could touch his cock for the first time (through the fabric), and it was “too good” 🙂
His cock loved it too, as you will see, growing and hardening very quickly, being groped in those wet swimming briefs 🙂

– Clip 02 (“minimalist” underwear):

I have him try on various very, very small underwear (thongs, jock-straps…) and he gets a hard-on, it’s hot 🙂
I especially like it when his dick is erect straight up when he is standing.
You could already see that in the first session, but here in the second one I can “play with his cock”, and it’s much better 🙂
By pressing it down and then removing my finger, it instantly pops up, hard and straight, like a spring 🙂
And these underwear are thin and tight enough, so that we can see all the details of his cock, especially his big glans 🙂
We can see a little bit of his little butt too, but very little because he tries to hide it (but you will see it very well, with all the details, in “Allan 3” :-))

– Clip 03 (“massage”):

Here he puts on a very thin light blue boxer that has no seams at the lower part (on the legs), which then makes it easier for me to get the cock out, at the appropriate moment.
He lies on his stomach and I give him a sort of quick “massage”.
Actually, in these “massage” parts, I would rather do some caressing… But this is generally very badly accepted by these hetero boys, because caresses on the whole body are rather “sentimental”.
Whereas massages are a “normal” thing. So I sometimes try to “transform” the (very basic) massage sessions into “caressing sessions”, but it’s rare because I have to be sure that the boy accepts it, i.e. that he is “open”, which is obviously not the case with Allan, who is at the same time very “frozen” (as if this “job” was a bit of a bad moment to pass “stoically”), and who nevertheless obviously has a great pleasure in all this, as his cock shows 🙂
When it comes to “massaging” his buttocks, I have to do it pretty quickly, as straight boys are usually very “touchy” when you show interest in that area. And I want this session to go well.

Then, he lies on his back, and I “massage” him again a bit everywhere, quickly, to finally linger on the part that interests us the most 🙂
So I “massage” his cock through the very thin fabric, and it quickly becomes big and hard. We can see a naked part of it thanks to the boxer which is without seams at the lower part, and little by little I “enlarge” this opening, or rather I bring his cock closer to this opening, that is to say that it starts to come out little by little, from under the boxer.
Allan remains imperturbable, he feigns indifference, he looks at the ceiling, but at one moment, suddenly, he has a kind of little freeze, and I try to understand why, but as he hardly says a word during the whole session, I have to ask him some questions, to which he “answers” in a very minimalist way (not even vocal).
I think that he was surprised to see that his cock was partially out of the boxer shorts, but it is also possible that his sudden reaction was due to the beginning of a risk of ejaculation, which will happen again a little later (at 6 minutes 15 in the same clip) in a more explicit way (even if he still doesn’t say a word).

– Clip 04 (“fucking my hand in a condom”):

In this scene he is naked on the bed and I am groping his cock, with great pleasure, and it is growing and hardening fast.
He puts on a condom, he stands up and his cock is stiff, pointing upwards.

Then I put my hand in a condom that has a hole at the end, through which I have put some lube.
He puts his hard cock inside, I start to knead it, it’s very exciting! 🙂
Because my hand, “all my fingers”, my palm, have “no other choice” than to stick very very strongly, everywhere, to his hard cock 🙂

At 3 mn 06 seconds, I ask him to “fuck” my hand, and it is very very exciting!
Indeed, the sensation he has must be quite close to “fucking” a tight natural orifice, but here the difference is that we can see very well his cock coming and going, and especially his glans 🙂
We can easily imagine when he does it “for real” (i.e. with a girl), but here, with “my system”, the boys can never do this “simulation” for very long, because it’s really very very exciting. For us spectators, but especially for them.
I don’t remember a boy being able to last more than one minute doing this, without needing to ejaculate.
So it is very, very important to tell them to “stop everything” if they feel that the semen might come soon.
Indeed, if the boy ejaculates in the condom, it’s quite “lame”, because you can’t see the “squirts” (the power, the distance…), and on top of that, it “ruins” the session, you have to wait quite a long time to continue (because the boy doesn’t have any more excitement for the next scenes). And on top of that, obviously, he produces less sperm at the end of the session, which logically ends with ejaculation (which should therefore be “final and unique”).

So, paradoxically, while “my job” is, ultimately, to produce sexually exciting images, in these passages of “fucking a hand in a condom”, one has to limit oneself, restrain oneself, because in short it is “too exciting”. This idea of “hand in the condom with a hole” is personal, but obviously I don’t know everything and it is possible that other people do this as well.

At 3 min 46 seconds, the “risk of squirting” arrives (inevitably), and thus we stop. He lasted 40 seconds, which isn’t bad.
At the end of the clip we see his cock “pulsating” as he stands.
It’s all really hot I think 🙂
I can’t imagine that the Members of the site don’t like, and are not super-excited when watching these videos 🙂

– Clip 05 (“statue” and fellatio):

This part is even more exciting than the previous one. Much more, in fact.

Here he has to simulate being a “statue” or “robot”, i.e. he has to pretend that he has no willpower.
The idea is that by doing so, it is much more difficult for boys to object to a blow job.
Whereas if you are “communicating”, they may want to disagree, which complicates everything.
In reality, when a boy gets to that point in the sessions, he is bound to agree to have his cock sucked (even if he can’t consciously admit it to himself).
With this “statue that can’t object” trick, I remove the problems at the source.
Anyway, if it were true that a boy doesn’t like or want to be sucked, then he wouldn’t get a hard-on when you suck him.

So, assuming that Allan “is a statue” or “a robot”, I play with his limbs a little bit, just to “validate” this trick, and then I quickly focus on his cock 🙂
I put a kind of thick black rubber condom on his cock, which is very very stiff because he knows I’m going to suck it! 🙂
I suck his cock (with this black thing on, which is a kind of “protection” to “spare” him in an extra way, in addition to the “trick” of “pretending not to have any willpower”).
And despite the thickness of this thing, it’s very very good to suck his hard cock 🙂
But I don’t do it for too long, because of the “risk of cumming” which is obviously very high.

Then I explain to him that if I do the same thing (the blow job) but without the black rubber, I will pay him more.
And since he is supposed to be a “robot”, he doesn’t object.
But if he had a “moral problem” with it (which is rare), of course he would be able to stop it all, saying for example “I can’t do that, sorry”.

So I suck his naked cock this time, and it looks huge. His glans is enormous, it seems like it’s all going to explode! 🙂
Still, I sucked him for quite a long time, this clip is much longer than the previous one, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
At the end, I decide to stop, to limit the “risk of cumming”, but I still continue to play with his very stiff and “springy” cock 🙂
It’s almost “impossible to stop”. I think he must drive the girls crazy, with all that beauty, and that super hard, stiff cock (and the super strong cum shots!).
I think he really “came in his head”, and that even without wanting to show it, he was in some kind of ecstasy (he who was saying so much bad things about “fags” at the beginning, when I met him).
There is a difference between what you do “in private”, and the very limited and “standard” things you can say that you do or like, in “social circles”…

– Clip 06 (masturbating him until orgasm):

In this (final) clip, I make him fuck a transparent artificial vagina, then I masturbate him with lube.
It’s really good, his cock is very hard! 🙂
Then comes the “final fireworks”! 🙂
This time, he doesn’t squirt as far as the first session (“Allan”), where he had “coated” the wall behind him, but it’s still really good ! 🙂
It lasts a long time, and a shot of cum even lands on his neck. It’s a good thing, because I promised him extra money if the sperm reached his neck at least.
(I do this with some of the boys I already know (i.e. who can theoretically squirt far), to try to get them to not cum for several days before the sessions. Otherwise, sometimes they can’t help but “fuck”, if they have the opportunity to find a girl just before. Renan in particular is a “specialist”, he always seems to be ready to “fuck everything that moves” :-))

As I said, the “final fireworks” of this “Allan 2” session is undoubtedly exceptional.
In “slow motion” (at 0.1x), I counted, in order :
– 3 small shots at the beginning
– 2 quite big shots (very nice, like a “lasso”)
– 4 small shots
– 1 fairly large shot
– 2 other fairly large shots
– 1 medium shot
– 1 small shot
– 1 fairly large shot
– 1 large shot (chest)
– 1 very large shot (which falls on his neck!)
– 1 large shot
– 2 small shots
And this lasts for ELEVEN SECONDS, which is really a lot!
After that, Allan seems to have a very very slight smile, considering his exploits (all that cum on him), but maybe it’s my imagination that thinks I see this smile 🙂
It’s up to you!…

I’m sure that even if you’ve already seen Allan’s first session, you’ll really love this one! 🙂

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