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Signup (payment) issues

Are you trying to signup but your credit card is constantly declined ?
Please try the following (in this order):
–> Of course, verify the data (and the date of expiration).
And generally you cannot signup from a country different from the country where your credit card has been issued.
–> Use another email address. (Maybe your email address has been blacklisted).
–> Use another credit card, if you have one. You can also buy “rechargeable” credit cards in some shops.
–> In Europe, use the “SEPA Direct Debit” option  (also called “SoFort” by Verotel)  with Verotel or CCBill, it is really easy.
–> In the USA, you can try the Online Check (ACH) option, or alternative payment cards (Discover, JCB, Diners), with CCBill.
(With CCBill it is not possible to pay with Visa or Mastercard, because they ask to pay a “Visa fee” of USD 500 each year, and the same for Mastercard (total: USD 1000), which would cost much more than all the CCBill transactions.)

–> If all that did not solve the issue, you can pay with Bitcoin (but your access won’t be immediate because we have to create it manually): Please see the Bitcoin payment links on the Join page.
If you are new to Bitcoin, there is a link explaining how to start.
On top of that, for more than one month it is cheaper than the other payment options 🙂

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Problems with login in or with your password

  • Please use the “copy-paste” method (select, Ctrl-C to copy, Ctrl-V to paste) instead of typing your username (usercode) or password (passcode), this way you will avoid errors.
  • Make sure that you do not include a blank space at the end of your password (passcode), because it would be considered as a character.
  • Have you lost your password (passcode) or your username (usercode) ?
    Or maybe you never received it ?

    –> Please search your mailbox (including spam folder) with the word “Verotel” (or “CCBill“).
    Not found ?
    –> Please use this automatic password retrieval tool from Verotel. (If you paid with CCBill, click here.)
    –> You may also write to us and we will search it for you, or change it for you (but this won’t be immediate).
    Maybe your credit card has been renewed: in such a case, the 4 last digits have been changed, therefore the recurring billing could not work and has been cancelled.
    In such a case, the only solution is to subscribe again. Thank you!

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Content (photos and videos in Members Area)

* Releases:

Every 24h at midnight GMT, there is a new release of a “part”, containing a video clip (and often pictures), and you always have access to the latest TWO years of releases 🙂 (= ALL THE SETS).

– The sets are usually composed of “parts” (01, 02, 03…) released one after one, every 7 days.
(For example, if the part 02 of Pablo comes on a Tuesday, you already know that the part 03 will come on the next Tuesday.)
– Each part remains online during a certain period of time, then goes offline during the same period of time, then comes back online and so on.
(That period is 24 months (1440 days) for the Arab, Black and Latino boys, and 12 months (720 days) for the Asian and White boys.)
– Please check the parts at the bottom of the ALL THE SETS page, because the oldest ones will be automatically removed little by little (except those with the arbitrary date “2012”, which are “fixed”).

– The photos are corresponding to the next video clip*, so they can be used as a preview: after watching a clip, you can have an idea of what will happen in the next clip, even if it is not yet released.
(* Exception : The parts “01”, contain the photos corresponding to the clips 01 and 02.)

* Copyright:

– Please respect our (difficult) work, it is a matter of survival when there are so many free sites (who steal the content of others),
lease respect the private life and nudity of these straight boys, who accept these jobs only because they need cash:

–> DO NOT expose them more than they already are: please DO NOT SHARE the content,
It is copyrighted, you pay for the right to SEE it for YOURSELF only, NOT to own it and to redistribute it.

–> Please NOTIFY US ( if you see our video clips (except our free preview clips) published somewhere else, so that we can try to ask to remove them.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your understanding and cooperation!

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Automatic rebilling

– When you signup with Verotel for 1 month, there is an option with automatic rebilling, which is a little bit cheaper. For 3 months and 6 months, the automatic rebilling (every 3 months or 6 months) is by default.

– With CCBill, it’s the same, and there is also an option for 12 month.

When you cancel the automatic rebilling, it will not terminate your access immediately, you will still have the right to the remaining time you paid for.

We strive to do our best to provide more boys and interesting content, but sometimes some Members may find that it is not enough.
Of course you can always cancel the automatic rebilling easily, but please come back to see the news every 3 months or so! 🙂

Cancel your automatic rebilling with Verotel – with CCBill.

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You can contact us at the following address, and we will strive to answer in less than 24-48 hours.

If you did not receive any answer, please send a new email.
You can write in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and we will try to answer in your language.


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Anticipated, Privileged Access
(only for currently active Members)
*** to clips of a set currently being released (see a list here), OR
*** to clips of a set to be released after one year (see a list here)

Here is how to use this possibility of an exceptional, Privileged Access to the video clips that you may “miss”:

1/ Payment (only for users who are currently active Members)
*** If the set(s) that you want is CURRENTLY BEING RELEASED, you pay for a number of CLIPS. (You take every clip not yet released, not just a selection of them.)
*** If the set(s) that you want will start to be released AFTER ONE YEAR from now,
you pay for a number of SETS (containing several clips).
–> If you are a currently active Member, please click here for the payment page.
You can also pay in Bitcoin instead.  (Easy and quick Bitcoin guide for beginners)

2/ Please notify us (at about your payment and indicate which set(s) you want.
(In general, we will see your email within less than 24 hours.)

3/ We will put the desired video clips in a special folder created for you, we will notify you about your special personal link.


Why this system ?
– “After one year”:
Sometimes, a user knows the existence of an older set which is not online anymore.
For example, if you see that Oscar 3 (only) is online (in the list of all the sets), you can guess that there are also sets named “Oscar” and “Oscar 2”.
In this case (“After one year”), he pays “per set” (i.e. for a full set and ot for a clip).
The sets remain online during 2 years for the Arab / Latino / Black boys, and 1 year for the White boys.
Then they go offline during the same amount of time, then they come back online and so on.
-“Currently being released”:
This is for when a user “cannot” wait a week (or two) to see the remaining part (or two) to be published in a set that is currently being released.
In thise case, he pays “per clip”, for each of the remaining clips (i.e. not yet published), not just for the final clip.

This system may be expensive (in particular for the “currently being released” option), because it requires extra manual work (whereas normally, when you subscribe, everything is automatic, there is no human action on our part), and also so as not to harm the usual subscription system.
If you think it’s too expensive, don’t use it 🙂
This system of manual exceptions has been made in response to particular requests from some users.

If it was not so expensive (for the “currently being released” option, i.e. “payment for CLIPS, not sets”), most members would use that “Privileged Access”, to see the future clips without waiting, and as a result they would probably cancel their subscription once they have all what they want.
So, it would ruin the “regular system” which is based on (at least) one clip released everyday.
Additionally, I think that it is better when one has to wait several weeks for a straight boy, it should not be too easy, this way it reflects more the “real life”, i.e. all the efforts that I have to do (sometimes during months) in order to finally manage to get these boys.
If things are too much easy, then it becomes much less exciting (and less valuable), in my opinion.

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“Sponsored sessions”
–> please click the button entitled “Sponsored“, or here.

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