Damian, a delicious young Latino straight boy with a very stiff thin long juicy dick that I sucked and masturbated until climax :-)


Damian is a delicious young Latino straight boy, that I find irresistible!
The shooting session was so hot, that he allowed me to suck his very stiff long thin dick 🙂
I could “milk” him (i.e. I could masturbate him until climax)
and his cum shots were good and juicy 🙂

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This boy is apparently the best friend of Freddy. He is more tough and “hustler”, and Freddy is more quiet, they go well together, usually Damian commands and Freddy follows. I noticed also that they have a similar surgical scar on the bellow : maybe another reason to feel close.

Damian is skinny but has a rather big cock, and is easily hard ! I don’t find him a perfect beauty (especially his big teeth) but he is quite pretty anyway.

At first, he does not know exactly what I expect from him (like for all the boys – as they come only for “paid pictures in swimsuits and boxers”).
But rather quickly (with the orange swimsuit), he hopefully understands.

GOOD TO KNOW (if you don’t understand Spanish) :
In the clips, I speak in (poor) Spanish and I rarely translate in English (or French), but anyway I always tell the same thing : when I begin to talk with a rather embarrassed voice, I explain them that “for my job, it’s better if the dick seems (or is) bigger”, and “if I (or you) put water on the boxer, it will “stick” and will be more arousing”, and “if I rub the boxer with the glove and water” or “when your penis is inside the “hole” I made inside the boxer, it will “feel like in a pussy”” and “it will grow or enlarge automatically”.
This way, they understand that they don’t have to restrain, that if they have a hardon, it’s “not their fault”, and that anyway it’s what the “gringo” wants !
Therefore I can switch them to “sex mode” rather easily and gently.
This is a method I’ve build little by little in Europe, where all this is much much more difficult, and where the boys would be shocked (at best) and angry if I explained them what I expect.
And anyway, for the viewer (you) it’s much more arousing to see the boy discovering things, instead of coming and following an already-made script, like with most of other sites, isn’t it ? 😉
And when a boy is a friend of another one, that I already recorded, I insist that the first guy does not “say all” to his friend, and usually it works, because, although things are rather easy, the boys are still a bit ashamed of doing all that, after all, and they won’t tell everything to their friends (they would talk only about “sexy boxers” and it’s enough).

They have to try tons of boxers, because they come for “swimsuits and boxers”, and not for “hardons and wanking”, and also because, this way, little by little we can come to sex, but it has to be very gradual, to avoid any “accident” (blocking), and also because after a several hours of boxers the boys are tired, and anyway at the end the boxers are so thin and minimal, that when I ask “can you now wear this sheath or socket only on your dick”, sometimes it’s the boy himself who says “oh anyway now we have seen already everything, there is not much difference, then ok why not”.

Actually the main “trick” is that, between each boxer, the difference is extremely slight, and therefore if the boy is at, say, boxer #8, he can’t refuse to try boxer #9, because it’s almost un-noticeable that it’s a bit more transparent or suggestive.
Then there is never any reason to say stop. But between the boxer #1 (maybe a sport pant), and, for instance, boxer #50… (maybe a penis sheath, a condom, a cockring…) ! :-), here is a VERY big difference !
And anyway, when the guys are watching porn clips with girls (I explain to them that this will help them, because we are 2 guys in a room, it’s embarrassing etc, and it will help also to prove they are straight, although it’s easy to see), well, when they are very hard thanks to these clips, when they have some precum since 15 mn, when they would almost beg to wank and cum at last, then they can’t refuse when I say “ok now you can wank and cum” or “now I will do like that with your dick, and the “leche” (the milk) will go outside…”
Sometimes they are a bit surprised, but they don’t refuse, because their body wants that so much !
So in fact they come for photos in boxers, and at the end they are fully nude and they are glad of shooting their load 🙂
Sometimes, before accepting the job, they say they don’t want nude : I say “oh no, don’t worry, you can always keep at least one cloth !” and in this case I really do it… but it can be a very little sheath made with a women stocking, put on the erect dick (erect because the boy is “inside clips with girls”), and with a hole made at the end, to allow the sperm to go through!
And they don’t complain, they admit themsleves that it was easy but that they would not accept if I had told ALL the truth before.
Of course, each time I can, I use my “helping hand” or mouth, but sometimes I don’t do it a lot, when I feel it’s too early, and most of the times I do it in a second session (with the best trick : “Please do the statue and I care about all the rest” :-))
Now maybe some competitors will imitate me, but here you have the original !
And anyway I will be glad to know if this method is useful for you in your private life (let me know !).
And any new ideas are welcome !


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