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This guy is…
“Insanely cute” face, cool, kind, very smart, charming, divine chocolate body, and… 19 cm !
He is student in computer science.

He was introduced to me by a friend ; he is willing to earn money. You can see very clearly that he loves women, since he seemed fascinated by the “lesbian” movie on the little MP4 player. (Sometimes, some gay/bi boys can be aroused by watching a str8 porn movie, because there are men in it, but if they see only pussies, then it’s impossible to have a hardon if you are not really str8.)
He is living a bit far, and I “kept” him 3 days. We could make this first (solo) set, then a BV set during the first night, then a “hardcore” set with Jairo (very good ! I love the way he is looking at Jairo while ass-fucking him, laid on the bed), and then, the last day, I had the idea of “pairing” him with my friend TCB (of course they did only “str8” things, at best mutual wanking, mutual fucking jelly pussies or other things, but it’s very good too).

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