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I found these two nice boys during a little trip at the beach. There were plenty of people, and by luck I found the cutest ones (probably) and I managed to motivate them enough to call me back later. This is during this trip that I met also Juliano and Beltran, who were in the bus on our way back to the city.

Arturo and Junior were living very far from my home, probably at more than 100 km, so it was not easy. On the first day, Junior came with Juan-Vicente, trying to make me believe that he was his friend Arturo that I saw at the beach. But anyway I made a set with Juan-Vicente as well, because he was kind and he was coming from far, expecting to earn money. And he was “interesting” for the job (sexually speaking).
Then, another day, Junior finally came to the flat with his pal Arturo. At first, I made a session with Arturo, were he jerked “accidentally” in my mouth… (This is the set named “Arturo”.) And then he finally cummed a second time, at the end of his session.
And after that, on the same day I wanted to make a session with Junior of course (he is so gorgeous…) and also together with his friend Arturo, even if certainly he would not cum a lot, for the 3rd time in the same day.
However, I had various little problems for that job, mostly because they were laughing and commenting all the time, which made it very difficult to obtain or to keep an erection.
That’s why during the clips you will hear me asking many times for “concentration” (focus), but anyway they were hardly paying attention to my directions. So the first 4 parts are quite long and you may find them a bit boring, however I kept that because it is also a way to share the life of these boys. The parts 5 and 6 (final) are much more arousing. In the first part they compared their dicks, they fuck a jelly pussy, a condom… And finally in the last parts the wank together mutually. But Arturo was finally quite excited at the end, and he could not prevent to cum (once again), but he produced only one drop so it’s “like nothing”. But Junior made nice cum shots, while being wanked by his friend 🙂 You will notice that I quickly prevented a hand to mask the cum shots, which is a very “professional” reflex 🙂
In conclusion, anyway the ice smile and the beauty of Junior will probably allow you to forget the little problems of this set. It is just “real life”, it cannot be always perfect. On top of that, I also accidentally put some lube on one of my two cameras, without noticing. (It never happened before, not after.) But fortunately it was not on the camera used for the videos, don’t worry. But most of the pictures are rather ruined in a little area, which is blurred: there is really nothing that I can do about that.
I hope that you will like it anyway. Junior is so beautiful, anything he does is “charming”. I love also his laugh. His friend is not bad neither. I think that they know each other since childhood and they are good pals, always together, which probably explains why it was so awkward for them to do that, so they had to laugh all the time.
There are other sessions with Junior: “Junior”, “Junior 2”, and in the future “Junior and Osvaldo” (delicious, really, one of my preferred), and Junior appears also in one of the “TBG” sessions (to be released later).

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