TCB7 (with Roldan) (Latino straight boys with big dicks) free video clip


Latino straight boys with big dicks play together, masturbate mutually and cum (5 video clips in total for this set).

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This set is very lengthy (more than one hour), and of course in such a long time not all is “arousing”, but I just wanted to share with you the (rather) “normal life” of these two boys.
In this set, they will wank at watching female porn movies, they will compare their dicks (both 19 cm long, but Roldan’s dick is thinner), they will fuck a transparent doll (together), they will try to fuck a jelly pussy (complicated, too small), then they will fuck a condom together, and finally they will wank each other (they were very reluctant (especially Roldan, who asked me more money for that, and to use gloves).

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