Zende, a cute lean Black shy straight boy with a delicious thin hard dick :-)


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I really like this guy. I find him quite handsome, very slim, a bit shy…

I found him in the street, selling fruit. It was in a district I didn’t know, where I’d gone specifically to find new boys, with Gabriel to help me and for my safety.
In 4 hours, I only found 2 interesting guys, him and another one (who never followed up).

The next problem was that Zende was full of doubts, apparently, but also that he didn’t dare say them (in our message exchanges).
So it took me many months and many messages to convince him to come and do a session.
In particular, I had to tell him that there was no problem, no question of sexual relations and so on.
Obviously that’s not true, but in such difficult situations I have to say that,
and it’s ‘forgivable’ afterwards because if we have a discussion about it at the end of a session, the boy always admits:
1/ that if I had told him the whole truth, he would obviously never have come,
and 2/ that he doesn’t regret coming, nor does he regret doing what he did.

But in Zende’s case, the ‘negotiations’ to motivate him were really long and arduous.
What’s more, he rarely replied.
After several months, he finally said he wasn’t interested.
But then I paid him (remotely) just to explain why he was blocked.
Then he started communicating a bit more, and explained that he had a lot of family problems,
and also that he had to pay some sort of ransom for his brother.
As I had no way of checking, I pretended to believe him and offered him some money to help him out.

Yes, sometimes you have to ‘invest’ like that, or ‘sow seeds’ even if they don’t all germinate…
So sometimes I give a bit of money like that to guys you’ll never see, because they just took the money (once) and never wanted to do anything more.
But the aim is to make them understand that there’s money to be made, in other words to create a sort of ‘reflex’ to contact me if they need money (instead of me ‘begging’ with my messages).

And with Zende (among others), this technique worked.
He told me to wait 2 months while he sorted out his (supposed) problems, so I did, got back to him, sent him some more money, and then he (finally) agreed to do a first session.

So I booked a room in the hotel with the rooftop pool (that you know), and had 3 guys come for 24 hours: Gabriel, Zende, and Emerson (a very handsome guy, for whom it was also the first time)…
I started with Zende because he said he didn’t want to sleep in the hotel.
Then I did Emerson’s session (which will be published later), and finally Zende agreed to stay the night,
so the next day I was able to do a session with the 3 guys 🙂

The (current) session with Zende is pretty “classic”. I do things very carefully so as not to shock him, but despite his relative shyness (which he tries not to show), he ended up doing “all the things that needed to be done” 🙂

I like his cock, which is neither small nor very big, but which is thin (like him).

( I really liked his little bottom, but we’ll see about that in another session, made on another day 🙂 )

At the end of the session, I jerked him off and he squirted, not far (it ran down his cock from top to bottom), but “sufficiently” 🙂

One thing’s for sure: he’s a totally straight guy, “normal”, “natural”, straightforward, pretty, not annoying, and all in all rather endearing…

In fact, I had a crush on him straight away when I saw him in the street ( plus he was shirtless), because he looked a bit like another guy I knew back in the days of the ‘big white flat’, who I’d never been able to work with because he was only 17, which was obviously frustrating.
( These things happen, and in such cases I simply wait until the boy is 18. That was the case with Tawfik, Beltran, Jeremy and others. But sometimes life makes it so that you don’t see the boy again when he’s finally of ‘legal age’. Fortunately, there are other ones 🙂 )

I hope you enjoy this boy as much as I do! 🙂


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