Gabriel and Allan play “mum and dad” and they jerk off mutually :-)


Gabriel (straight Black boy) and Alan (straight Latino boy)
play with their dicks, fuck a condom together,
fuck a transparent sex doll together, dress up with a wig and fake boobs,
push their dicks very close to each other’s ass,
masturbate each other and ejaculate 🙂

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The blurring effect on their face and tattoos
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

The blurring effect on their face and tattoos
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

The blurring effect on their face and tattoos
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

The blurring effect on their face and tattoos
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

See their other pictures
and their video clips uncensored!

(free access to thumbnails in Members area)



See their other pictures
and their video clips uncensored!

(free access to thumbnails in Members area)

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Here is a new “two person” set with Gabriel and Allan, i.e. two very handsome boys, completely heterosexual of course.

It wasn’t easy for them, but they managed to take it easy enough, and it went well.

– In clip 01, early in the morning, Gabriel wakes up and Allan arrives at the hotel (he lives far away).
They chat and eat, they take a shower, and we start “the work” 🙂

Gabriel has had his hair bleached, but don’t worry, there’s nothing “gay” about it. He’s “straight as balls”, as they say 🙂
And that’s why these kind of very macho guys are not afraid to bleach their hair blonde, because there is no ambiguity.
This is something common with those “macho” boys who live in quite poor and dangerous areas.

Here, it should be reminded how difficult it had been to convince Allan to do a first session, because he was very, very hostile to “fag stuff”.
I even had to promise him not to touch him, and to stay away. (Well, I did that, for the first session, but not afterwards, fortunately :-)).
I was even “obliged” to film from a distance, to make him feel more comfortable. (See more explanations in the “Allan” set).

I ask them to watch porn videos (of women, of course), and Allan is a bit shy and embarrassed.
But thanks to the videos, the erections finally come 🙂
Gabriel has a much bigger cock than Allan’s, but when the latter is really hard, it’s not so small. The interesting thing about Allan is that his cock is stiff and “points upwards”. This is often easier with “average sized” cocks than with “heavy” cocks.
The other “plus” with Allan is that he makes very powerful shots of cum.
You will see this in the last clip (09). It’s not as powerful and abundant as in his first two solo sets, but it’s still a nice little firework 🙂

– In clip 02, they have to fuck “Pamela”, the transparent inflatable doll (“who always agrees”), while being positioned on each side.
It’s very “interesting” to see their hard cocks fucking at the same time and telescoping inside 🙂
As you can see, things are very progressive (I made a kind of written “program” to help me), and it’s going to get hotter and hotter in the following clips! 🙂

– In clip 03, they continue to fuck Pamela, but this time there is a boy on top (who fucks), the doll in the middle (who lets herself be fucked!) and another boy below.
So, in a certain way, although the boy lying below has his cock hard in a “woman’s hole”, he is still in an “inferiority” situation. I.e. the boy who fucks above fucks the doll but somehow he also fucks his pal below him, while being separated by the doll, which serves to maintain a sort of “honour” point. For the moment! 🙂
At first it’s Allan who has the “dominant” role (above), and as you’ll see he has such a hard, “upward” boner that it’s difficult for him to position himself with his upper body vertical for me to see something with the camera.

Then it’s Gabriel’s turn to take on this role. He screws in a more “determined” way than Allan 🙂
But in both cases it goes well, it’s all very sexy and the cocks are hot and hard 🙂

And every time possible in this session, I take the opportunity to film the boys’ asses. At the beginning you can’t always see very well, but if you watch all the clips you’ll see at least one moment per boy where you can see the hole.
(And if that’s not enough, you can see it very well in later solo sessions, when I ask them to open their buttocks to run the trimmer through (in YSB_Allan3 and in YSB_Gabriel5)).

– In clip 04, I make them fuck a condom, with the cocks telescoping and rubbing on each other! It’s very hot 🙂
But it’s often quite laborious because it’s complicated for Gabriel to enter the condom with his big cock, and with the lube everything slides…
Moreover, there’s really nothing erotic for these boys in the fact of rubbing a cock, so they tend to lose their hardon quickly (especially Gabriel). So I have to constantly ask them to “focus” on the women’s videos.
(In these “duo” sessions, I think I must ask maybe a hundred times to “focus”, but I usually cut these little passages out of the edits, as it is very tiring and irritating.
However, for this session with Allan I didn’t need to ask them to stop talking about anything else, as Allan is rather taciturn and talks very little. Whereas in other sessions it’s really hard because the boys can’t stop commenting and laughing. When I ask them to concentrate on “the work”, they insist on doing it, but they forget very quickly and go back to talking and laughing. This obviously prevents them from getting hard. Usually these two-person sessions are really difficult because of this problem. Even if I insist very strongly before and during the recording, my instructions “enter in one ear and go out by the other one”… But not that day).

– In clip 05, it’s a bit like the previous one, but it goes better. I asked Allan to stay “fixed” (static), and Gabriel to fuck the condom (with Allan’s hard cock inside), and it goes much better.
You will see some very “interesting” passages of “telescoping” and rubbing :-).

– In clip 06, Gabriel enters the “human blow-up doll costume” that I made. He already knows it because he has already done a duo session with Rafael.
I bought a blonde wig (‘female’). Allan looks at it, hilarious 🙂 And he starts to “fuck” Gabriel, “from the front”.
Normally he should get his cock between Gabriel’s thighs, just under the balls, but as his cock is very “stiff upwards”, he can’t do it. But it’s “interesting” anyway 🙂
And also, I take the opportunity to film his nice little ass 🙂

Then, change of role, it’s Gabriel’s turn to “fuck” Allan “from the front (i.e. from above), and he does it correctly, between the thighs.
He does it very well, I think (as if he was fucking a woman), with a certain vigour.
Here too, I took the opportunity to film “between his buttocks”, and I’ve put some slow-motion shots with zoom.
(Note: you can sometimes see some kind of white dots between the buttocks, during these slow-motion passages. No, they are not insects or that kind of thing, I think they are results of the multiplication of technical effects here (slow-motion + zoom + brightening).

(In the duo sessions that follow, there’s usually another part here, which is the same thing except that instead of screwing “from the front”, they screw “from the back”, which is obviously more “embarrassing” (but also more exciting for the one “above”). Here in this session, there is no such thing, and I don’t know if it’s because they refused. Or if it’s because I didn’t have the idea, or because I didn’t dare to ask (in relation to Allan’s great reluctance, so as not to stress him).

– For clip 07, I show them the system I made: “ready to wear” breasts, which I made with a bra and fake breasts, which were hollow but which I stuffed with a dog ball that I cut in halves and took out a lot of the foam that was inside because it was too big. It took me quite a while to do this, especially to figure out what to put in it, to find the right diameter ball etc.

It’s quite unusual and amusing to see these tattooed, very macho boys from “underprivileged and dangerous” areas (where it’s no joke and where stray bullets are a daily occurrence) putting on these fake breasts and this wig. It’s not at all to humiliate them nor to “pervert” them, but rather to give a more playful aspect to the session, otherwise for them it’s all crazy stories (or of “faggots”, which is even worse for them). Another advantage of the wig is that it can hide the face if they wish.

In this part, it’s “like the human doll, but without it”, i.e. skin on skin, no plastic.
Allan manages this time to put his cock between Gabriel’s thighs, but never really too “close to the hole” (or the balls) because Gabriel is very touchy with it (in every sense of the word).
(But there are other duo sessions with Gabriel, especially one with Everton – which will come later – where the other’s cock really rubs “close” (i.e. under the balls and not so far from the ass). All this takes time to get accepted…

After Allan, it’s Gabriel’s turn to take an “active role”, and it goes pretty well.
There are however some sequences where I ask the “active” boy to lie underneath to fuck the other one, and it’s really not practical, nor very interesting. It was a trial run.

One bit I do like (even though there’s no sex) is when Allan briefly looks at himself in the mirror, with his fake boobs and big blonde wig, he seems to be enjoying it, and maybe thinking “this is what I’d be like if I were a girl”. I don’t know how to describe it but if you watch you’ll probably understand.
And I think it’s pretty impressive that even dressed in rather ridiculous accessories, this boy is still incredibly GORGEOUS 🙂

– In clip 08, things get even more “serious”, because this time they have to fuck “from behind”. Between the thighs “as close as possible to the woman’s hole”, and the “passive” boy keeps a pair of boxers on (because they didn’t agree without them. But it is still very embarrassing.
For the “screwing” boy, it’s fine and he gets a hard-on (whether it’s Gabriel or Allan), because it’s obviously quite exciting (because it’s not far from “ass-fucking” – ass-fucking someone who does NOT want to be ass-fucked at all…). So in both cases they get a pretty good hard-on.
When it’s Allan who fucks, as his cock is “stiff upwards”, it goes right “where I want it to go”. Gabriel complains and discreetly asks his colleague to put his cock lower (between the thighs), but I’ve noticed and I get it rectified 🙂
At the end, Gabriel is a bit sulky, of course, because a hard cock has “planed his hindquarters” a bit, and this is probably the first time.
Again, this is not to “demean” these boys and even less to “pervert” them, it’s simply for the purposes of the session. I.e. in the hope of providing you with videos that are different from the solo sessions, and that – I hope – you can enjoy.

– In clip 09 (the last one), we go back to things that are a bit less “wacky”, but for Allan it is still a bit difficult.
When I explain that they have to “switch hands”, i.e. one has to masturbate the other’s cock, Allan is a bit puzzled. But he needs money…
And you have to know that I pay the boys “per part” and “per option”. For example, if they agree to wank each other (even with gloves), which is almost always the case, they earn a bit more.
But, as I explain each time, it is only the first few seconds that are “strange”.
Indeed, when boy A jerks off boy B’s cock, who also masturbates A, it’s a bit like each boy masturbates himself (I don’t know how to explain it! :-)).

By the way, Allan is quickly hilarious once again, realizing the doubly “crazy” situation for him. He’s getting his dick jerked by a guy (who’s not “queer”). AND he’s jerking off a dick (which isn’t his own)!
For him it’s probably “surreal”.
Then I explain that they have to continue like that, jacking off the other one until the orgasm (of the other one). Allan says that he’s not going to be able to ejaculate like that, but finally he manages it very well and he’s the first one 🙂
Yes, those boys who are fiercely hostile to boy-on-boy sex are usually ultra-excited when they do it anyway. I’ve noticed that several times.
It doesn’t mean he changes his mind, it’s just “stronger than him”. It’s the difference between “natural things” (what we do here) and “social conditioning”. (I.e. all the “complicated” thoughts that clutter people’s brains).

If you’ve already seen the “Allan” and “Allan 2” sets, you’ll know that he does some pretty amazing “cum shots” (to the point of “repainting” the wall behind, almost!).
This time it’s a little less than usual, but it’s still a lot, and quite nice in slow motion (it squirts up to his armpit.)

Then, after a while I ask Allan (so as not to embarrass him too much) to stop jerking off Gabriel, who continues to masturbate on his own.

Allan watches this from the corner of his eye… Sometimes he doesn’t dare to look, and at the same time sometimes he looks very amused by the situation.

Gabriel ends up cumming too, but not much.
I think it’s due to the fact that I probably had a session with him, maybe during the night… (I don’t remember…).

But anyway I find this set very “nice” and exciting 🙂

I hope you like it.


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