Gabriel and Rafael, two young straight guys playing with their dicks and shooting their loads


Gabriel (Black straight boy) and Rafael (Latino straight boy) meet for the first time
and they are paid to play with their cocks, to fuck a condom together,
to fuck a transparent blow-up doll together,
and to masturbate mutually and ejaculate 🙂

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The blurring effect on their face and tattoos (and sex)
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

The blurring effect on their face and tattoos (and sex)
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

The blurring effect on their face and tattoos (and sex)
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

The blurring effect on their face and tattoos (and sex)
is only for these free preview pictures,
NOT for the pictures (and videos) in Members area.

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I found it interesting to do a session with these two boys because they have a bit of the same kind of life and mentality, that is, more or less, “bad boys”…
As you can see in the pictures of their first meeting in the restaurant, they immediately connected well.

Obviously, they are very heterosexual so there are limits to what they can do, but – as you will see – I pushed them quite far in their limits 🙂

This session has been done the morning after the “Rafael 3” session. And during the night, with their agreement of course, I did a double “night session” (for the BV site).

This session is in the style of “messing around between friends”, and I did as much as I could.

– In clip 01, we start very slowly, they are on the bed and they watch porn clips (of women, of course), making comments and laughing.
Then they start touching themselves (on their own) and masturbating.
Then, standing up, they put their big hard cocks side by side to compare the size (which is a bit difficult because Rafael has a “bent” cock).
And I take the opportunity to masturbate both their cocks at the same time (with one hand).
Then I make their two cocks “kiss” each other, you’ll see, it’s “interesting” 🙂

– In clip 02, I make them fuck a condom, with both cocks in it, after making a hole in the top of the condom.
It’s a bit complicated sometimes, depending on the different positions (lying down, standing up…) but we manage to do it, and I find it really exciting to see their big hard cocks rubbing each other in the same tight condom. It’s hot! 🙂
Of course, in order to do all these things during this session, they have to stay focused on the tablet with the porn movies as much as possible, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get an erection, at least as long as it’s dick against dick. (Then, when their dick is on top of an ass (even a man’s), it’s much easier to get a hard-on (see further on) 🙂

– In clip 03, they fuck a transparent inflatable doll together, in various positions, and you can see their assholes (especially Gabriel’s, particularly towards the end) 🙂
After a while, I open the valve of the inflatable doll, so that it empties slowly, and the more it empties, the more Gabriel actually “fucks” Rafael’s lower belly rather than the doll :-)… Smart, isn’t it? :-)…

– In clip 04, Gabriel puts on a “human blow-up doll costume” that I originally made for myself, then he “fucks the human doll” (i.e. he “fucks” Rafael).
At first from the front, and then from behind (which is more “embarrassing” and therefore what I paid more for).
The cock goes between the thighs, as close as possible to the “woman’s hole” (vagina and then ass), and this is the most difficult.
Obviously they never did or even imagined things like that…
Once again, you can see Gabriel’s asshole at the end, who doesn’t hesitate to hit his new friend’s ass rather hard 🙂

– In clip 05, it’s the same thing but this time it’s Rafael’s turn to have the “active” role. Gabriel is in the doll, and he’s watching porn (I guess it’s in order to think about something else).
So Rafael “fucks” him from the front and then from behind 🙂
I see that for this two-person session there is no “same thing but without the doll” part (i.e. without plastic, naked): I don’t remember, but probably I didn’t dare to propose it.
But don’t be disappointed by this, because there are many other “cock between the thighs and closest to the hole” sessions, with Gabriel and with other boys (Allan, Renan, Everton, Paco…).

– In session 06 (which is the last one), they lie side by side on the bed and they jerk each other off until they cum 🙂
Rafael ejaculates first, he does a single shot but quite big, and I find it very nice in slow motion (4x, 8x, 12x and 16x slower). Gabriel looks on briefly because he must have sensed that Rafael was going to squirt, but he turns away quite quickly and looks embarrassed (obviously, because he realises that he has just made a man cum with his own hand… and I’m sure this is the first time. I remind you that these boys do this only because they need money).
Then it’s Gabriel’s turn to cum while Rafael jerks him off 🙂
He doesn’t squirt very far, but you can see it quite well in slow motion.
At the end of the clip, we can see and hear Gabriel singing in the shower, which is quite “cool”, I think 🙂
This boy really has a perfect body, small but perfectly proportioned, except for his cock which is “way too big” compared to the rest of his body, but who’s going to complain about that? 🙂
And he also has a really magnificent smile…
There are many other sessions with him, which is possible because he doesn’t seem to age: I’m writing this 16 months after his first session, and he hasn’t changed at all, which is very rarely the case for other boys, who often become a bit “chubby” (for my taste) in only 1 year or even 6 months. (For example, this is the case for Rafael, and that’s why this is the last session I did with him. He has 4 sessions in total: 3 solos, and this one).

That’s it, I hope you like it! Sometimes some parts are a bit tedious, for example when they have difficulties to get hard, or when they don’t manage to enter some “holes” well, but don’t forget that these boys are really straight and that the sight of a dick gives them 0,00% excitement… So they have to constantly focus on porn movies, which is not so easy to do for hours.


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