Donny, a Black straight boy with a very big dick


Donny, a cute muscular Black boy with a perfect 20 cm cock, fucking a sex doll and ejaculating

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See his other pictures and his video clips uncensored!
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See his other pictures
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See his other pictures
and his video clips uncensored!

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Donny is a handsome muscular Black young man, has a 20 cm / 8 inches cock, and is 100% straight !
You will see him fucking a sex-doll, and, of course, shooting his load.

Nice big strong dick (20 cm) (about 8 inches) – nice ass – nice muscular body – nice face – nice guy !
I met this wonderful boy in the subway – I was lucky, he came sitting besides me (no other place) and he began to ask me questions because I was typing things on my handheld, which he did not knew.
About him, no need to write many things, the pics speak by themselves : I had only good surprises with him : cool, likes style, trend and music (US), had many ideas for pics (poses, but nice and fun), and… SIZE ! 🙂
We spent a good evening (we even ate the dinner together because he was hungry – which explains the “hole” in pics around the opening of the parcel)
– When he sends a kiss with the mouth and hand on some pic, it’s for girls only, of course (all the session is done in that way)
– The new doll has too tight holes, he told me it was too painful for his dick, and we took back the old doll.
– He told me also “if my mother and my sister would see those pics, they would just laugh” (no scandal and shame)
– A very nice big session for my first “personal” black boy ! 🙂

20 y.o.
Living in : Big city, Europe
Cool boy, not painful
Nice face and body, rather muscular – Hairless
Not the kind of boy to whom I could propose some “help”
First time sexual pics/vids – He told me he plans to do “real porn” (with girls) later
Fucking a doll, measuring dick, watching porn movies
Many good big hard dick pics, many things
CUMSHOTS at 14:48 in video clip 3 (but not far, hidden by dick)
VERY BIG DICK (8″ / 20cm, with proof), straight, nice, and hard !
Uncut — Normal pubic hair
Bottom and ass hole views when he fucks the doll
Private flat (chair, mat on the floor, standing, etc)
327 PICTURES in 640×480 & 1600×1200 – a rather nice pictures set
52 minutes of VIDEOS in 3 640×480 clips
Indispensable boy with one of the best dicks ever !
Very good set with perfect cock (huge, hard, nice, straight)
8 inches / 20 cm COCK – Fucking doll, WANKING, CUMMING


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