Dakari, a hot Black hetero boy with a good juicy dick


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To sum up, the sessions with Dakari are without any particular problems, and should please everyone here.

I think he’s a handsome guy, with a nice harmonious body, quite muscular (but not “horribly”), and with a good, “big enough” cock 🙂

I found him in transport, and his first questions were about whether there was any nudity in the session, in a rather worried way (and this is often the case with other boys).
I replied that there wasn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have come, but (as you know), I pay ‘extras’ for nudity (plus many more options!).
And generally, with my very progressive method, the boys accept.
(In the very rare cases where we can’t even get to that stage, well, the session quickly ends and you never see those images, which are pointless, only frustrating).

So I was expecting the session to be rather difficult (I thought he might be ‘religious’, which complicates everything), but in fact it went smoothly.
Like many other boys, he kept a reserved and neutral air, almost cold, but the stiffness of his cock could not be mistaken, especially as drops (of seminal fluid) came out quite often,
which is proof of very high sexual arousal 🙂

This set lasts two hours, during which I grope and knead his hard cock! 🙂

At the end, I jerk him off, and he spurts out a lot of cum for quite a long time – you won’t regret it! 🙂

What’s more, this guy is pretty cool and nice and quiet, not complicated.

If you like boys of this (beautiful) colour, I’m sure you’ll love it! 🙂


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