Renan and Paco, two straight boys experimenting sexual games


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These two boys needed money, so I offered to do this session together.
I asked Renan to explain to Paco how things worked, but I think he avoided giving him too many details. Indeed, it could have worried Paco and so he would have withdrawn, so Renan wouldn’t have earned any money, because the session would have been cancelled.
Renan is “always hot” (always ready to fuck) but Paco has a calm, almost cold temperament.
They didn’t know each other at all. Renan picked up Paco at his home and took him to the hotel on his motorbike.
Everything went well, and despite his reluctance, Paco made all the necessary efforts, and you’ll see a lot of hard cock rubbing or rubbing buttocks 🙂 And a few blow jobs, by me 🙂

– Clip 1 (21 mins):
They use the pool a bit, they do some exercises in the gym, they shower together (naked), they watch porn clips (of women, of course) lying on the bed, and they start to get hard 🙂
Paco is a little embarrassed but not too much (it’s his third session, and the first one with another guy), Renan is very used to it and never shy, especially when it comes to showing off his big cock 🙂
(Paco has a pretty big cock too, a bit longer and thinner than Renan’s, you’ll see :-))
I bring Renan into the bathroom to suck him off, not doing it in front of Paco to avoid embarrassment at first. Renan is very excited, as always 🙂 (He’s got a hard-on like a bull :-))
Then I do the same thing with Paco in the bathroom (while Renan is back on the bed), Paco gets a good hard-on too, it’s all very good!
Then I fiddle with their cocks while they watch the clips on the bed, then they have to stand up and put their cocks next to each other to compare their lengths, they’re a bit reluctant at first (because “real straight guys” like these two don’t really like the sight of a cock, let alone having to touch one), but that’s OK. Paco’s is a bit longer.

– Clip 2 (15 mins):
They watch porn videos on the bed, I suck them (this time without hiding one from the other), they try out the penis pump, they fuck the transparent inflatable doll, each in turn.

– Clip 3 (14 mins):
I suck Renan’s big cock (lying down), he’s getting a good hard-on 🙂
Then I take Paco out into the corridor, so that he’s not so embarrassed, and I suck him (he’s standing up). His big cock is growing and getting hard too 🙂
They jerk off a bit on the bed, then they fuck a transparent sex toy which is a kind of tube with an entrance and a vibrator on each side, for two cocks 🙂 They go in and out synchronously, and their hard cocks telescope in the middle – it’s very visible and very exciting, in my opinion!Then I have them do the same thing with another transparent flexible tube (masturbator) (which you already know), which is shorter and narrower, so not only do their hard cocks telescope, but sometimes the dick heads pass over each other! Mmm 🙂
Then they try to do the same thing but in a condom but it’s too difficult (because of the lubricant), then they do the same thing but in my hand which is in the middle and which squeezes the two cocks which come and go while rubbing each other 🙂

– Clip 4 (16 mins):
Renan puts on the “human blow-up doll” costume (which he already knows) and Paco “fucks him from the front”. I also take advantage of the opportunity to focus on Paco’s neat little hole, filming behind him while he’s busy fucking 🙂
Then Paco “fucks” Renan from behind (i.e. very close to the ass of Renan, who is in the plastic suit). But Paco doesn’t have a strong hard-on.
Then Renan “fucks” Paco (in the suit), first from the front and then from behind.
Towards the end of the clip, it’s quite funny as Paco complains that Renan’s cock is touching his hole (the plastic tube is very mobile), and Renan replies something like “Don’t worry, bro, it’s fine like this” 🙂
(In case you hadn’t noticed: Renan is a walking sex machine with a human body that follows, he’s always hot for anything sexual!)

– Clip 5 (17 mins):
It’s the same as the previous clip, but this time without plastic, totally naked :-)!
At one point, Paco doesn’t have a good hard-on, so I take the opportunity to “help” him by sucking him off until we get the desired result 🙂
Towards the end, when Renan is on top of Paco with his hard cock, you’ll notice just how nice Paco’s bottom is with some nice curves 🙂

– Clip 6 (14 mins):
For this last part, they’re lying down again and watching porn videos, they’re masturbating each other (with latex gloves) but little by little Paco’s erection starts to diminish because even though he keeps an impassive air throughout the session, I know that all this is difficult for him.
Next I masturbate Renan’s hard cock for a long time, then he jerks off and spurts onto his chiseled chest!
Finally, I masturbate Paco, his cock gets really hard, and he ends up spurting quite a lot of cum on his stomach 🙂

You should enjoy this session. Sometimes Paco doesn’t get as hard as one would like, but don’t forget that all this stuff isn’t really his style and he’s only doing it because he needs money.
And in any case, there are plenty of places where his hard-on is “just right”! 🙂


This session was sponsored (= fully paid for) by Ronnie (YSB member): many thanks for his support 🙂


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