Two handsome Latino straight boys having fun pushing their dicks deeper and deeper into each other’s ass :)


Junior (Latino straight boy) and Osvaldo (Black straight boy) are paid to simulate penetrating each other’s ass, but little by little it becomes real 🙂
Junior introduces more than half of his dick in Osvaldo’s hole, as you can see in the pictures and videos 🙂
It’s obviously the first time for both of them, it’s super arousing, and of course they release their hot load of sperm 🙂

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I had the idea to do this session, with Junior and Osvaldo, after noticing that Osvaldo had accepted that Junior put his dick in his butt (but not in his asshole), in the “TBG 4” (TeenBoysGames 4) session, done a short time earlier.
I find these two boys particularly handsome, and I thought it would be “interesting” to see how far one could “push” things with them 🙂

In summary, this session was a slow progression towards my goal, which was achieved! Indeed, in the last moments of the last clip, you can see that Junior has pushed more than half of his cock between Osvaldo’s buttocks, which means that at least his glans has really penetrated Osvaldo’s anus.
You can see this quite well in the videos, and even better in some of the photos.
Moreover, apparently when Junior realized that he was really fucking this boy, and that it was not only “playing at trying to ra*e, it was so exciting for him that he soon ejaculated (in a visible way).
Afterwards, he even gave Osvaldo a light friendly slap (with a cloth), which probably meant “so, I fucked you… :-)”…
And just after being fucked we can briefly see that Osvaldo doesn’t look very happy, he looks a bit disturbed.
Then in the shower, he seems very pensive, realizing what happened. But he is still beautiful! I really like Osvaldo 🙂

Before arriving at this result, it was not easy…
At the beginning, they pretend to try to ra*e each other in turn. During most of the session, Junior is hesitant and doesn’t have a 100% hard-on because despite his permanent smile he seems to have some kind of moral problem with this.
Anyway, even I wasn’t sure we could achieve this result. So this session is really an adventure…

You’ll also enjoy the moments when they fuck the transparent blow-up doll together, and also when they fuck a transparent sex toy (vagina + anus) together, where you can see the two cocks telescoping inside 🙂

In general, Osvaldo is more excited, he has a harder cock.
In clip N°7 (the second to last one), he tries to fuck Junior’s ass, who is squeezing his ass as hard as he can, but since we’ve put some lubricant, it’s getting harder and harder, especially as Osvaldo is motivated 🙂
So at some point you may see that Junior waves his hand to say stop, and soon after Osvaldo ejaculates on Junior’s buttocks. It is very possible that his cock had started to enter his anus a little bit 🙂 Or if this was not the case, then it was ” banging very hard on the door ” 🙂
You will judge by watching the clips! 🙂

It’s only in the last clip that Junior was really hard (and thus, was able to penetrate Osvaldo “seriously”), and it’s maybe the fact of having been almost fucked by Osvaldo just before, that really decided him to do things “for real”, a bit to revenge himself (and also by understanding that this was the goal and that he had to stop overthinking…).

Obviously I paid a lot more than I expected, and that’s why they agreed to do this. When I felt that there was a chance that Osvaldo might agree to be (more or less) fucked, I motivated him by promising him a lot more money (these conversations are not recorded).
He is definitely not gay, this is evident when he watches porn movies with women.

Obviously these actions (of cock in the ass) are really not as “spectacular” as sessions with a gay boy (like for example the sessions where Jairo gets fucked), but don’t forget that Junior and Osvaldo are straight, and it seems obvious to me that they had never done that. So you can’t ask too much of them, and I think what they did was a lot.
If you saw Junior’s first session (solo), you know how reluctant he was at first. He didn’t even want to show his dick, and until the last moment it was hidden, by a cloth with a hole to ejaculate through… So there was a lot of progression with his different sessions (Junior 2, Junior and Arturo, TBG 4).

I really like this session. I remind you that Junior and Osvaldo had only seen each other once before (TBG 4) and that they don’t know each other (as Junior lives quite far away), and I find the concept of two straight boys who don’t really know each other but who play sex games like buddies, and who stick their dicks as hard as they can in each other’s buttocks quite interesting 🙂

This session is very hot, I’m sure you’ll like it!


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