Santiago, an ultra-cute real rogue macho guy, sucked by a man for the first time :-)


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This guy is really “top”! 🙂 I fucking love him!

He’s really the kind of “young macho guy” you’ll probably like too.
Quite narcissistic too, but that’s no problem 🙂
As long as he feels he’s admired or even ‘adored’, everything’s fine, and that’s what happened!

The boy’s got a big long cock, too! 🙂

He’s the kind of guy, not exactly “scum”, but a bit like that (he even wanted to take a new sheet folded in the hotel room, but I told him that it would be charged to my bank card so he refrained, and stealing a sheet is not good for his “honour”).
Let’s just say that this boy, tough and macho but rather cool and nice, is the complete opposite of an ‘academic’.

I met him really by chance. He was walking fast (have you noticed that these kind of ‘tough guys’ always seem busy and walk fast?)
I was in a kind of market with Gabriel, and we were busy in front of a small telephone repair stand (for Gabriel).
We were talking to the repairman. But as you can guess, I always have a sort of ‘spinning radar’ in my head to detect boys.
Because the best boys are often found BY CHANCE, not when you’re searching for them! (Examples: Gabriel, Renan, Lorenzo, Allan, and many others).
So I see this guy (Santiago) coming from a long way off in a corridor, he’s walking fast with a determined walk, he’s got his cap on, he even looks dangerous, the kind of guy you don’t want to approach because they’re busy trafficking something. Three seconds later, he was walking behind me, and I was wondering what to do, run after him or what? He seemed in a hurry, hard, inaccessible and very unapproachable. Moreover, approaching a guy who’s in a hurry is always difficult.
I had to make a decision… And after 3 seconds I said to Gabriel “HIM! Santiago was already disappearing into the street, but Gabriel had time to catch up with him (I was busy getting his phone fixed).
Gabriel even told me that when he first approached Santiago it didn’t go very well because he had a slightly violent reaction (Gabriel had touched him on the back), but it quickly settled down.
And you won’t regret this “action”, this decision and “chase” that took less than 10 seconds!

Gabriel then took care of convincing him (I pay him for that).
Then came the day of the appointment.
I quickly realised that I had to ‘comply’. For example, ‘Monsieur’ didn’t really respond to my questions or requests.
Things had to come from him. There are people like that, who don’t do anything they haven’t decided to do.

As we walked down the street to the hotel, given that I’d explained to him that the ‘job’ was mainly with underwear, he obviously had his doubts (as they all do), and he politely made it clear that he didn’t really like ‘fag stuff’ (Allan and others had done that too), then he told me outright that I didn’t look gay, which was also a way of saying that he had his doubts.
In fact, if you’re sure that a guy is straight, it doesn’t make sense to say to him, right from the start when we’re getting to know each other, “You don’t look gay”. Meaning: “but maybe you are…”.
In these situations, it’s always best for these guys to avoid talking too much about these subjects, i.e. to “not admit” that they’ve done things with a guy.
You do these things, but you don’t comment on them. An important rule! Because commenting forces the guy to admit (even just to me) clearly that he’s done these things, that he’s aware of them.
Whereas if he doesn’t say anything, well, he’s letting me do things to him, things are going on in a bit of a ‘grey zone’.
But at the end of the session, he did say something like “In the end, we did everything that girls like…”. Or almost, because I did suck him off (see Santiago 2) but he didn’t penetrate me (anal).

On the other hand, if you see the videos, you know for sure that he had no idea what was going to happen, you can see it in his reactions (even if they’re “reserved” because he’s still in his “alpha male +++” role).
Let’s just say money helps a lot! And little by little, despite his very domineering nature and his reticence, well in the end I did everything I wanted. And it was good 🙂

It’s really delicious to be able to do all that (groping a hard cock, sucking etc) with an unapproachable, almost thuggish “street guy”!

As for the content of the set, I’m not going to describe it in detail here, because it’s “fairly classic”, typical of a “first session”.
And very good and very exciting and progressive, all the time 🙂
There are 2h05mn of video in 8 clips.

Nothing’s ever perfect: the only thing I didn’t like at first was the hair on his legs. It bothered me so much that I asked him to shave it off, which he did at the 40 minute mark (for ‘extra’ money, like with all the things he didn’t expect).

I loved his beautiful, long, hard, straight cock, and I’m sure you will too!

There are also many passages where his cock “wets” the underwear, it’s very exciting, he was very horny even if he didn’t want to show it 🙂
The transparent drops coming out slowly are proof that a guy is REALLY aroused!

At the end, I masturbate him until he ejaculates, he spurts not far but in “normal” quantity, and anyway it doesn’t matter how much because it’s almost ecstatic to wank his hot, hard cock and get the juice out, thinking that he’s a “street boy”, rather “basic” and quite homophobic, and that at 5 seconds it would never have happened!
In fact, at the beginning in front of the stall, I only had 2 or 3 seconds to make my decision (I thought yes, no, yes, no, yes, in about 2 seconds), just like with Renan in the street.

Imagine that I spent about two hours, including at least an hour and a half with his hard cock in my hand (even with underwear on, it’s just as exciting when it’s hard).
And you’re about to see it all 🙂 I’m trying to share it as best I can with the videos.

Santiago is undoubtedly a “ladies’ man”, and I even saw proof of this because after the session we went for a walk in the street, and by coincidence a group of 4 girls almost jumped on him (he told me he’d already fucked one of them), they were like crazy fluttering around him as if he were a rock star, in short they were dying to be fucked by him 🙂
I was discreetly out of the way, and quite happy when seeing this, because I had sucked his good cock a little while before 🙂

This guy is “not to be missed”! If you don’t like him, write to me, because I can’t imagine that’s possible 🙂


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