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Giovanni is a handsome macho straight boy, I could play with his hard dick, I sucked him, and he wanked and ejaculated 🙂 
He is a quiet but macho and arrogant 18 y.o. boy.
I don’t know much about him ; he was sent by another boy, and he came here for money.
He was very horny (as you can see with the pre-cum on the pictures and in the clips).
I could suck his very stiff and juicy cock, and he wanked and released his load 🙂

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Kamel is a horny young Arab guy, obviously hetero, with a big hard cock that I sucked until he came, and who released a nice load of sperm on his belly 🙂  (5 video clips in total for this set).
Sexy boy, quite cute, with a very good dick ! Very horny and arousing “cock games” in the clips !
Kinda tough boy (in his free pics, see the scar on his face, the shape of a broken bottle…) but kind with me.
Very horny boy, also !

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Vito, a Black young guy with a very stiff dick, making big cum shots (in clip 06).
I noticed this boy who was working as a waiter in a restaurant, I thought he had a beautiful face, and I left my contact to him.
It is quite rare that the boys contact me back because times are hard, people are full of doubts, but he contacted me and I proposed him the “job” […]

Teen Boys Games 1 (TBG1) free preview video clip

This session was rather crazy 🙂 And very funny and natural.
In fact, it was quite improvised. With some the guys that you already know (“TCB”, his brother Renaldo, and the two pals Damian and Freddy, and two other guys, we organized a sort of little party in my flat.
I had just bought a little laser light (discotheque-like), and it as enough, with some drinks but not that much. […]

Tawfik (Arab straight boy) free video clip

This guy has the hardest cock I’ve ever touched ! It was really like a warm stone, almost “not interesting” because it was hard to press it (to feel it). Unbelievable… When he was hard, it was also possible to “hang” things on his dick, like on a nail… In the first session, when he is standing in the bath tub, I ask him prudently if I may suck him, […]

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Renaldo is the little brother of my friend “TCB”. The first time I saw him, at their house, I thought “wow, this guy is cute!”, but I did not dare to propose him anything, because it could have been quite embarrassing. But after several months, given that he finally knew very well what his brother was doing with me, and what was going on in the flat, I finally approached him about the “job”, and he was not against the idea. […]

Jairo and Roder 2 (Latino and Black boys 2nd hardcore sex session) free video clip

In this second “hardcore” session with them, I asked them to do like in a real porn movie, and all is in good HD quality.
— In the 1st clip, they pretend to meet like young people who don’t really know each other, and to do some sport in the apartment. Then Jairo makes a sort of massage to Roder and little by little he comes to his dick. […]

Jairo and Roder (Latino and Black boys hardcore sex session) free video clip

This session is the “logical” continuation of the session “Jairo and Juliano 2”. Here it’s more “wild”, because Roder seems to be used to fuck other boys already. At first, they pretend to be straight pals watching porn clips. Then they wank on the bed, then they do many other things, it would be too long to explain but it’s quite funny, they play together, […]

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This set is very lengthy (more than one hour), and of course in such a long time not all is “arousing”, but I just wanted to share with you the (rather) “normal life” of these two boys.
In this set, they will wank at watching female porn movies, they will compare their dicks (both 19 cm long, […]

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I noticed this cute young man sitting always at the same place in town, near my block, almost every night. Then I sat near him. He was there for the wifi of a nearby spot (ice-cream shop), for his smartphone. I talked about “pictures”. Little by little, I mentioned “swimsuits” and then “boxers” and then “sexy boxers” (like I usually do since a few years). […]

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In this 2nd session: 01/ Trying a sexy boxer and watching female porn clip (dick rising) ; 02/ Trying other sexy boxers, then nude, playing with his hard dick ; 03/ Sucking his dick ; 04/ Fucking transparent doll ; 05/ Fucking transparent doll, masturbating him until he cums (nice shots) 🙂

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Second session with Tyree. He is a nice black boy with a very big heavy tool 🙂
And he is very kind too.
This time he already knew what the “job” was about, so all was cool.
But at some point he was confused and hesitating, because I asked him if I could suck his dick… In fact, it’s not a good question to ask to a straight boy : […]