Vito, a handsome Black boy with a stiff cock, so aroused that he ejaculates unexpectedly


Vito is a Black young twink with a very stiff cock, who released big cum shots by surprise.

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I noticed this boy who was working as a waiter in a restaurant, I thought he had a beautiful face, and I left my contact to him.
It is quite rare that the boys contact me back because times are hard, people are full of doubts, but he contacted me and I proposed him the “job”.
He had just completed his military service, which is why his hair is so short.
During the session, everything went smoothly.
He didn’t show any emotion (like surprise or anything) on ​​his face, but instead you will see that he was very sexually aroused as his cock was hard and erect upwards almost constantly.
I made him try on a lot of thinner and thinner underwear, as usual.
There are 7 clips. In the 6th clip, while I had been handling his cock for quite a long time, he couldn’t help but ejaculate 🙂
(He was even a little sorry, but that doesn’t show in the clip.)
It wasn’t planned at that time, and anyway I hadn’t even told him about ejaculation; usually I ask boys to ejaculate towards the end, when they are so much excited anyway (being caressed and masturbated during so much time) that they are unlikely to refuse.
You will see big jets of cum, so far that I couldn’t even film it all! A powerful ejaculation that is not even “on order” or planned, it’s very good!
After that, he ejaculated a second time (much less, obviously), in the last clip (7th).
If you like guys who have an almost permanent, hard erection (like Tawfik for example) and if you don’t have anything against curved penises (upward), then you should like this set :-).


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