“Geborgde sessies” en “100% Privaat sessies”

Boys available | “Geborgde sessies” | YSB Sponsors

Straight boys potentially available
for “Geborgde sessies”
(for active Members enigste)


Jeremy (brand new boy)
AVAILABLE for duo sessions

This boy is just a pure delight 🙂
I had to wait for about 6 months to make his first session, because he was not yet old enough.
This session (picture above) has been made in March 2023, when he was 18 years and one week.
I could suck his big hard dick a lot 🙂 (18 cm)
This boy is a dream
He is the younger half-brother of Everton (see below), and I made a duo session with both of them!
(You may sponsor it.)
(More information on request)


Available for duo sessions

Super cute boy, super skinny 🙂
I made a first session with him in February 2023, he made impressive “vuurwerke” 🙂 (klaarkomskote)

Boys available | “Geborgde sessies” | YSB Sponsors

“Geborgde sessies” (for active Members)

Daar is plenty of cute boys around (and they want to earn cash), but I simply don’t have enough to pay many boys (m.a.w. to make many sessions) because the site (YSB) is not generating enough money, that’s just a fact (and a pity).
(With enough money, I would be able tomakeone brand new boy per week!)

So, if you want to help, here is what you can do: jy kan “sponsora session,
for the amount of 300 $/ (solo) or 450$/€ (duo) for YSB.

Here are the benefits for you:

1/ Within two weeks after the session, you will obtain an access to download the videos and pictures of that session (with light watermarks, like what you already know here at YSB), and this set won’t be published anywhere during 12 maande.
Apart maybe another Sponsor (see point 2 hieronder), no other Member nor anyone will be able to obtain it during that period: it will befor your eyes onlyduring 12 maande.
Please note that you won’t be the owner of the content, but you will enjoy it with 12 months in advance : in other words, it will belike privatefor you during one year.
Please remember that in all cases (“Geborg“, “Bevoorregte toegang” of regular subscriptions), you never have the right to share or publish.)

2/ To encourage you to become a YSB Sponsor, and as a reward for your financial effort, you will also get anotherSponsored sessionas a bonus, verniet! 🙂 (In other words, “pay 1, get 2”)
Unless you want tomarkyour sponsored session asfor your eyes only during 12 maande” (which is your right), you will be able to select one session among all the other sponsored sessions already paid by other Sponsors (to see in the list of the Sponsors).
In that list, some sessions may be marked asfor the Sponsor’s eyes only during 12 maande”. If there is no special mention, the session is available for you as a Sponsor.
If you sponsor a solo session, you can select a solo session. If you sponsor a duo session, you can select a duo session.
When you are a Sponsor, I can provide you a few non-nude pictures of thenever seen boys”, to help you to make your choice.

3/ Unless you don’t want, your name (or any name you want) will be mentioned:
in the descriptions of the set
with something like This set has been made thanks to the full financial sponsorship of ……. [the name that you want], thank you very much!”;
here in the present page, in the sectionYSB Sponsors“.
(If you prefer not to mention your name or a nickname, you will be mentioned asSponsor C (or D etc)” instead.)

4/ You will know that you have helped to enrich the contents of the site, and the other Members will be happy too, thanks to you.

5/ You will know that you have provided a very useful financial help to a boy! It matters 🙂
In werklikheid, I got that idea because some of the boys ask me many times to make new sessions, when they are desperately in need of money, but unfortunately I can’t do more than telling them that I do NOT earn enough money to pay so many sessions (1 of 2 per month, and then the money is over).
This is true (and there are some sessions that I really would like to do with two boys, and that of course I would do if I had the cash to pay them), but apparently the boys cannot believe me

6/ You will be allowed to order Bevoorregte toegang video clips in all theSets being released or scheduled BEFORE ONE YEAR, in addition to the clips of theSets CURRENTLY BEING RELEASEDor theSets SCHEDULED AFTER ONE YEAR“.

If you want a YSB session with 2 seuns (“duo sessions”) (which can be… “interessant” :-)), just add 150 $/ (aan 300 $/, m.a.w. a total of 450 $/).
But remember that these boys are straight, and that there are things that they won’t do
Although everything can be discussed with them, en “money talks”, but probably one has to pay quite a lot to have such boys making “dinge” saam (like pushing a hard dick between the buttocks of the other boy, deep enough :-)).
So far, I did not ask them such things (or I mentioned the idea very very cautiously), in order not to offend them, and because anyway I don’t have enough money for suchdeeper luxury”.
But if you have, for sure I would like to try! 🙂 This would be very arousing. The only question ishow much money”. But I can try to askdiplomatically”, given that I already know these boys and they would not react in a too much violent manner.

7/ If these prices are too high for you, there can be a possibility ofhalf-sponsoring”, which means paying half-price, but in that case the content will be published (for other Members) before having to wait for one year. (But probably it won’t be released before several months anyway, maybe 6 months.)

–> If you are a Member and you want to discuss the possibility of sponsoring a session, contact me for more details.
Thanks a lot if you can help!

YSB webmaster

Special Sponsor payments link (use it only if requested to do so)

Special Sponsor payments link (use it only if requested to do so)

Boys available | “Geborgde sessies” | YSB Sponsors

YSB Sponsors

I am very grateful to the persons who try the adventure of being a Sponsor, because their financial contribution really makes a difference, and it allows the survival of the site (YSB) with less difficulties.

Many thanks to the YSB Sponsors:


– 11/07/2022: YSB_Renan-and-Paco (published on 04/08/2023)
– 22/07/2022: BV_Renan
– 01/08/2022: YSB_Elijah2 (published on 17/09/2023)
– 01/08/2022: YSB_Gabriel5 (should be published after 11/08/2023)
– 01/08/2022: YSB_Elijah-and-Gabriel
(should be published after 11/08/2023)
– 07/08/2022: YSB_Marco (published on 15/09/2023)
– 17/08/2022: YSB_Tyler (published after 11/10/2023) (This set counts as 2 stelle, because it costed almost twice the normal price, as this boy was VERY reluctant.)
– 07/09/2022: BV_Rafael-and-Gabriel
– 15/09/2022: BV_Tomas
– 28/09/2022: BV_Gabriel
– 16/10/2022: YSB_Marco2&3 (published on 13/12/2023)
– 20/10/2022:
YSB_Thiago3&4 (should be published after 30/10/2023)
– 21/12/2022: YSB_Elijah3 (should be published after 28/12/2023)
– 30/01/2023: YSB_Dakari3&4 (should be published after 15/02/2024)
– 02/02/2023: YSB_Alex1&2 (should be published after 22/02/2024)
– 13/02/2023: YSB_Emerson1&2 (published on 17/10/2023)

– 13/02/2023: YSB_Zende1&2 (published on 04/07/2023)
– 28/02/2023: YSB_Santiago3&4 (should be published after 15/03/2024)
– 03/2023: YSB_Jeremy1&2 (“half-sponsored” sessie: can be published anytime)
– 04/2023: YSB_Joshua3&4 (“half-sponsored” sessie: can be published anytime)


28/09/2022: YSB_Gabriel6 (should be published after 04/10/2023)


18/11/2022: YSB_Renan6 (published on 13/11/2023)


09/07/2023: YSB_Allan5 (“half-sponsored” sessie: can be published anytime)