Juliano (Latino reguit seun) gratis video clip N°5 (dans)

This clip N°5 of Juliano is free (there is also a free clip Nr 2).
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This boy is aged 20, I like hissquare” gesig, he has a nice body, a rather average cock (16-17cm) but he is not complicated, and he is ok for many things, as you will see later. He did never do anything with another boy, but I changed that 🙂 Here you can see, vir die eerste keer, the flat that I am renting in South America, in order to work with boys (and to live…). Of course it’s not luxury, as I’m broke (like everyone…) but at least it’s much more handy than hotels (and it’s way cheaper) ; there is a lot of space, and good light (for good videos). You may start being familiar with this basic flat from now on, because I did a lot of work there, these last 3 maande (amper 20 boys and almost 50 stelle !). Most of the boys areaverage” (like this boy, Juliano), I mean that they are not all breathtaking cuties like most ofmyArabs, but on the other hand they are just ordinary boys (also known asneighbour boys”) that I picked in the street, commercial malls, beachs, or like for Juliano, in a bus that was leading us (many young peopleand me…) to a beach. The arousing thing is that (unlike the Arab boys, since many of them were more or less looking for tourists and some occasional cash), these boys here aren’t looking for anything, they just do their usual life, and when I come across them to offer them easy cash, they are of course delighted, and rarely search for complications. And also you know that now I can chose any boy anywhere, and if he accepts to dopics in swimsuits and boxers” vir geld, then I will almost always manage to lead him to where we want… (with myprogressive boxersown method…), which is, na my mening, the highest arousing thing ever : just imagine if you could do that with any str8 boy that you fancy or come across in your everyday life ! Natuurlik, you know well how impossible (and dangerous) it is, but with YSB I try to do my best to have you sharing this kind ofimpossibleexperiences 🙂 I hope you like it ! Egter, it’s not always as easy as it looks, even inpoorercountries, as even here there are maybe only 25% of the boys who will actually show up or call back. This sounds a good figure, but in fact it surprisingly low here, when you know that I pay them in 4 hours what they usually earn in 2 of 3 weke ! (for those who are working in factories or whateverand trust me, these are hard and boring jobs). Maybe they are just too lazy orfucking unable to do anything”, or maybe they just don’t believe me (this happens sometimes !). Hopefully, not many of them are afraid of appearing on internet (nothing matters a lot here…). I could find also some real beauties (ten minste 4 of 5 genuine handsome boys, which is not so bad in 3 maande). — To understand this set : Weereens, there are loads ofprogressive underwear”, because I did not know anything about this boy (he was nota friend of a friend”, unlike Damian, Freddy, Tyree, TCB, and others). That is also why I barely put my hand on him, to avoid any trouble. But hopefully, he was finally very cool and kind and OK for many things, as you can see in the numerous other sets with him !

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