Everton, 'n jong seun met 'n groot piel vol sap, wat geskiet het 3 tye en baie ver

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Set “Everton” :

Die manier waarop ek Everton ontmoet het, is nogal 'oorspronklik'.
Dit was een aand laat, Ek het in die straat geloop en ek het op Elia afgekom, om van 'n afstand af hallo te sê en nie te stop nie, want ek het nie die tyd nie en ek wou nie 'n 'versoek vir geld hoor nie’ (onder verskeie voorwendsels).
Hy het my gebel, van 'n afstand, met 'n sekere aandrang, maar ek het nie stadiger gery nie.
Toe, na ongeveer 50 meter, Ek het 'n twyfel gehad. Na alles, mens moet altyd “gee dit 'n kans”…
I slowed down and looked behind me: Elijah was following at a respectful distance.
I waited for him and said, “Wel, what do you want to tell me? I’ve got no time, and no money…”.
He wanted to introduce me to a friend, forthe job” (van “photos and videos in boxer shorts”), knowing of course that I always reward financially when someone helps me.
(Boys quickly understand that I’m honest and that I pay well, not princely because I can’t, but always generously).

But the problem is that when I’m presented with a boy, I almost always find him ugly, m.a.w. with ‘black body hair’ (facial or other), or a little layer of fat on his belly, or too old (skin not very soft), or just plain ugly (according to my personal criteria, natuurlik).
So I told Elijah I wasn’t interested.
But he insisted, telling me that this guy was there, nearby.
So I said “OK, let’s go and see…”.

When Everton stood up and appeared in the light, I started thinking “Haai, not bad, not bad…”. 🙂
I quickly becameinterested”, and then somethingclickedin my head:
I then told him his first name, his full surname and even his date of birth!
He wasn’t too surprised, because he knew how I knew all that.
In werklikheid, a few months earlier, his BROTHER (Jeremy) had tried to pass himself off as him (Everton), using his identity card.

Verduideliking: Jeremy was a minor at the time (17 years 1/2), but not Everton.
I had serious doubts because they don’t look very much alike (what’s more, I later found out from their documents that they have the same mother but not the same father).
But in doubt, I wanted to compare Jeremy’s fingerprint with the one printed on his identity card, and there really were striking similarities, except in the centre of the thumb, which could have been due to printing flaws. But it was the really different ears (Everton’s are ‘unstuck’) that really made me conclude that it was a subterfuge.
Natuurlik, having ‘seen in real lifethese two boys, the differences are glaring, but at the time I had only seen the little brother (Jeremy), and sometimes photos are misleading, and boys change a lot at that age.
So, natuurlik, I refused to have any sessions with Jeremy (the little brother), or even any contact (to avoid the risk of blackmail, because you never know what guys who are capable of such lies might be up to).
As for Jeremy, I had to wait about 6 maande (m.a.w. until he was 18) to start the ‘work’. It was difficult for him because when you’re 17 of 18, 6 months seems a very long time.
But not for me, and anyway there’s no other choice. It’s totally out of the question to do something illegal for the absurd reason thatI can’t wait 6 maande” when it’s so easy to wait, and when there are plenty of other boys around.
In elk geval, I REALLY don’t regret having waited all this time for Jeremy, because I’ve had sessions with him that I consider among my best, and on top of that he’s got a dream body and a dream cock (all verylong and thin”), maar, be patient, you’ll see all that 🙂
Let wel: this isn’t the first time I’ve waited 6 months or a bit longer. For example with Tawfik, or Beltran, and maybe one or two others.
At the moment there’s one boy for whom I’ve been waiting forthe big day” (the 18th birthday) for months. Sometimes it doesn’t work out because we lose contact, maar “that’s life”, and the world is full of beautiful legal-age boys 🙂

In elk geval, to get back to Everton (the boy in this session, and in many others to come), wel, I haven’t regretted it here neither, and you’ll see that 🙂
He’s rather cute, he’s slim (not very muscular, but lean, which is the most important thing for me), and above all he has a good cock 🙂
Quite big, compared to what you’d expect when you see him. Not as big as Gabriel’s, but not much smaller neither (by the way, you’ll see that in a “duo” session with these two guys, especially when their two cocks arestuck togetherin various accessories :-)).

What’s more, Everton is very ‘hot’ (very easily aroused).
Right at the start of the session, while he still had his personal pants on, he was already getting a hard-on, and he embarrassingly said to meExcuse me, maar, with all due respect, I can’t stop my cock from getting hard, for no reason, I don’t know where it’s coming from”, which is pretty savoury, is dit nie? And which shows that he had no idea what I was actually planning to do during the session. In other words, Elijah must have been very vague when he told him about this “bietjie werk”, which makes sense, uit “prideor shame, given that Elijah had already done some of these “klein werkies” and had told Everton so.

I’ve split this session into three sets: Everton, Everton 2, Everton 3.
Why 3 instead of the usual 2? Because Everton was so excited that at one point he told me he really needed to ejaculate.
Normally, I tell the boys to hold back, but this time I felt he wasn’t going to be able to, so I said something like “OK, let’s go then, as you’re not going to be able to keep it up until the end anyway”.
So I jerked him off and, oh boy, did he have some really big, really hard shots! Really excellent!

What’s more, I understand that he couldn’t hold back, as he’d obviously had hisballs fullfor quite some time.
Inderdaad, at the end ofEverton 2”, he squirts even more!!!! IncredibleNormally, when there’s a second ejaculation, there’s a lot less sperm and that’s quite logical.

In elk geval, I really liked his cock, watter “fits well in the mouth”, as you’ll see inEverton 3” 🙂

The only negative criticism I could make is that I don’t find him very manly or “macho”, and that his gestures are sometimesdelicate”.
I even had my doubts about his heterosexuality, but later (for other sessions) I did some ‘testswith ‘lesbian only’ video's, which were positive.
When a boy gets an erection (and a fast one, on top of that), just by watching a sex video with only 2 women (and no penis in sight), well there’s no doubt about his attraction tothe pussy” 🙂
He may be more or less bisexual (like his brother, by the way), but that’s not a problem.
The important thing, for the site and for you, is that the boys should be attracted to women. If they can do ‘extra things’, wel, that just gives us more opportunities for different sessions, that’s all.

I hope that even though Everton isn’t one of the more manly ones on the site, you’ll still enjoy him, because he’s pretty ‘yummy’, in my opinion 🙂

Just a reminder: everything on the site is true and authentic, including the ‘descriptionslike this one, with the exception of the first names.
To ‘protectthe boys as much as possible, I always give them a different first name, and I never mention their country of residence (even if sometimes it’s not hard to guess).

SetEverton 2” :

This set is a continuation of the previous set, after taking a break.
Everton really needed to ejaculate, so instead of taking theriskof him doing it at an unexpected moment (m.a.w. without seeing the spurts properly), I gave him the green light torelieve himself”.

Given that this session (this recording shoot) was very hot, met 3 moments of ejaculation and a lot of ‘drops’ gedurende die hele sessie, I preferred to ‘dividethe whole thing into 3 stelle, each with its own ‘power’.

In hierdie stel, I’m still playing with his cock, which very quickly becomes big and hard again, even though he’s already ejaculated a lot!
With each new pair of pants (thinner and thinner), you can often see drops coming through the fabric 🙂

Aan die einde, I jerk him off again, and he’s still spurting a lot, probably even more than the first time! It’s incredible, because normally after ejaculating (and even after a break), the shots are much weaker.
I think it’s fair to say that he really had his balls full 🙂

So this set is very highly erotic, like the previous one (and most of the others), and in the next one (Everton 3) I finally suck his good cock (and he squirts for the third time!).

SetEverton 3” :

In this 3rd and final set of this first session with Everton, I really enjoyed his cock! 🙂

Hierdie keer, you’ll definitely be able to see very well his big, naked cock up close, and he often gets a hard-on, often with very translucent drops

It really is a highly erotic set!

There’s a lot of oral sex in this set, I didn’t hold back!
My mouth felt like it needed his cock… Ek weet nie hoe om dit te verduidelik nie, but maybe watching the videos will help you understand 🙂

Let me remind you that at the very beginning he really had no idea it could go this far: you saw that at the very beginning he apologised by sayingwith all due respect, sorry but my cock is hard and I can’t help it”.

I guessed that he wouldn’t be too reluctant to have his dick sucked (which isn’t always the case with everyone), but I followed my very gradual ‘standard procedureanyway (with thinner and thinner ‘penis sleeves’, then condoms, then bare skin, which is VERY exciting! For him, vir my, for you :-)).

His cock is so beautiful, and it was so delicious in my mouth! 🙂

He alsofucked my mouth” 🙂

And I sucked his good cock withchocolate hazelnut paste” 🙂

He alsofucked my mouth” 🙂

Uiteindelik, I masturbated him until he spurted, and he sprayed it all over again, with big shots, and I’m wondering if it’s not even stronger than the two previous times on the same day! Incredible. But true, as you’ll see

There’s another thing that’s important to mention: I had my doubts about his heterosexuality, because of his voice and his gestures at times, so I tested him several times with videos, especially ‘lesbian’ video's (without any men) and without touching him, and that got him hard.
But more importantly, a few months later I got him to fuck a girl, en die “testwas 100% successful, because not only did he fuck her, but he also ate her pussy, kissed her tits etc.
I think he’soccasionally bi”, which can be useful.
I tried to get him to do “dinge” in a session with his half-brother Jeremy, but obviously brothers aren’t so easy when it comes to pushing cocks into arses 🙂
But you’ll be seeing Everton (and his younger brotherwho in my opinion iseven better”!) in a lot of other sessions 🙂

All that is smoking hot, guaranteed!


Sien sy ander foto's
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