Tyler, egy gyönyörű katonastílusú hetero srác, nagyon kemény és vonakodó, de hogy sikerült megszívnom az elég készpénznek köszönhetően :-)

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Ez a srác tényleg elsőrangú! 🙂

Amikor először láttam, a biciklijén ült (megállt), kézbesítőként dolgozik. Már majdnem alkonyodott, de a sapka és a sötétség ellenére azonnal észrevettem, milyen jóképű arca van.
azt gondoltam “Azta, Nekem kell az a srác!”

Megtettem neki a szokásos javaslatomat, amelyet meglehetősen megvető és büszke levegővel hallgatott, komoly megjegyzés nélkül. De így is elfogadta a kártyámat és az elérhetőségemet.

Akkor, with some insistence on my part, he sometimes replied with vague messages of a few words

After a few weeks, he finally told me that he was interested because he needed money, BUT that he couldn’t do it because his girlfriend didn’t like the idea, and that he respected her 🙁

This kind of problem is not uncommon, sajnálatos módon.
From the point of view of my work, girlfriends and wives (because often these guys are already married) have the sole function of creating perfectly useless problems and obstacles, especially as they have absolutely nothing to do with what we’re doing. As I always say to the guys in these cases: “I work with grown-up, free and responsible guys”.

kívül, when guys are really handsome, it makes sense that they have girlfriends, apart from a few exceptions like Santiago who is a very proud guy and just has to snap his fingers to fuck pretty much any girl, so why bother withalways the same one”? (That’s what he explained to me, basically, but it’s also the truth, as I saw with four girls who wouldn’t let him go when we took a break outside during his first session, as explained).

Getting back to Tyler, I obviously tried to insist, but he stopped responding.

So I thought that unfortunately he was ‘lostto me (which is almost always the case when a third party sticks their nose into our projects).

But a few months later, a long-standing member of the site (for over 10 Év), Ronnie, started sponsoring sessions, like with Marco for example. (Lásd a “Szponzorált” button on the “.comsite).
So I quickly had the idea of talking to him about Tyler, thinking that maybe it would be possible to change his mind, by making him an offer that would be financially difficult to refuse.

I explained this to Tyler, who luckily had kept his phone number (which isn’t that common after at least 6 hónapok), és ki, meglepetésemre, agreed to come for a meeting (knowing that I was paying him for the ride plus his time for a 20-minute chat, very generously).
I guess he needed some money

During the meeting, he remained very proud and ‘inaccessible’, and I could see that he was even more handsome than I’d thought (I’d only seen him very briefly, in the dark, which is sometimes misleading).
I explained to him that very exceptionally, neki, I wanted to double the maximum price I pay for a session (which is true), and it’s certainly an offer that’s hard to refuse because it’s about a month’s minimum wage for a “alapvető” munka (which is what he does).

I told him that in order to convince the Sponsor, the latter obviously needed to at least see what he looked like, so he agreed to let me take two photos of him: one ‘seriousand one ‘smiling’.
Clearly this guy knows he’s handsome, and he knows how to play on his charm, because these two photos alone, taken quickly, were very attractive.
(I haven’t included them in the published photos, as there are already hundreds of photos that are just as good, if not better).

To give you an idea of how proud he is (which you’ll see in the videos), at the end of our very brief and very well-paid meeting, he didn’t confirm that he was interested, he simply told me that he would think about it and give me his answer in a month’s time! (And that’s exactly what he did. Whereas the other guys want to ‘workstraight away, without waiting more than a week at the most). He even said that there had to be some ‘suspense’

He didn’t mention his girlfriend at all, and I carefully avoided dragging that ‘issueinto the conversation.

When Ronnie saw these two photos, he immediately agreed to sponsor the session, for a lot of money.
(I’m always very ‘transparentwith sponsors and I tell them exactly what the sessions cost me, azaz. the guy’s wage, the hotel, and various additional expenses, and I ask roughly what it costs me, with a margin of plus or minus $50. I even showed Ronnie exactly what Marco had earned (it’s not visible in the sessions because the banknotes are blurred out) but he told me it wasn’t necessary because he trusts me completely (and he’s right!).

Now let’s talk about what interests you most: a munkamenet.

Jól, you’ll see very clearly in this session that Tyler was REALLY not used to this sort of thing.
He’s very clearly amanly dude”, “straight deep in the bollocks”, ahogy mondják 🙂
It’s really obvious in the videos (and even the photos).
I bet he’s never done such ‘sexualthings with another guy (in this case, nekem :-)).

So this session is particularly exciting because not only is this guy handsome and he has a dream body (very slim anddry” (chiseled), with a pretty thin cock), but it’s also clear that he’s gradually discovering “dolgokat” az ülés során, and not without surprise!

As you’ll see, I went very gradually and cautiously, given this guy’s very difficult and reticent personality.

To spare your emotions, I’m not going to give too many details in writing, but here are three of them anyway:

1- When I offered totouch with my hand in a glove to help”, he accepted, given the amount of the supplement (pénz), but after a while he let me know that it disturbed him too much when Imanipulated” (not to saykneaded”!) his cock with my hand (through the fabric of the boxers).
Because ‘touching to adjust’ (azaz. to change position) is one thing, but ‘gropingis something else, it’s already part of a kind of sexual action, and he quickly realised the difference.
So I ‘eased up on the groping’, so as not to risk offending or blocking him, and just because he asked me to.

2- The most tricky moment was when I told him that the idea was to put his cock in a sort of latex sheath, and the whole thing in my mouthHe immediatelyshut down”, mondás “Óh ne, nem csinálok ilyesmit, there’s no way”).
I was obviously very frustrated, and told him that I’d expected this reaction from him, but that he’d have to excuse me for trying, because I have to do my job, which is to produce images.
Then I reminded him of all the money still to be earned, with various little parts lasting only 2 percek, and above all I insisted on the fact that the sleeve in question was really thick
I told him that we could still try, just for 10 vagy 20 repeta, and that if it didn’t work, we’d stop
And to my surprise, he agreed! 🙂

Azután, it’s pretty easy, because once the boy agrees to put his cock in my mouth (even if it’s protected by something very, very thick), he’s bound to get an erection anyway, and from that point on, there’s no problem and I can easily move on to thinner and thinnerprotections”, or even none at all 🙂
I even indulged in the luxury of sucking his cock coated in chocolate, and during the various little ‘fellatio’ Ülés, at first he didn’t have much of a hard-on, but from the ‘condomsequence onwards and especially the ‘naked cocksequence, he got a good hard-on: I think the natural excitement had finally taken over from his reluctance.

3- Another peculiarity with this boy was that, despite all his reluctance, when there were ‘back and forthmovements on his cock, he was quite often close to ejaculating, and that made things even more complicated. My aim was obviously to make his cock as hard as possible for as long as possible, but in this case he was also very close to ejaculating. Difficult dilemma, akkor!

De, még egyszer, I succeeded in ‘managingthis difficulty, and the result was that we were able to do everything I wanted (and you’re going to love it, that’s for sure!), and what’s more, at the end we had a magnificent firework show (ejaculations). I think the poor guy had been ‘under pressure’ (semen) for hours and that helped produce this spectacular ‘finale’.
So everything was perfect!

And I particularly like the big drop of cum falling from his cap.

Needless to say, this boy is fundamentally homophobic (as are many of these macho guys, like Santiago and others), or at least if he respects gays, he REALLY doesn’t want any of that stuff with him.

So it was a very tricky session for me, because money helps a lot but sometimes isn’t enough, so I had to reallywalk on egg shells”, from start to finish. És, mint szinte mindig, I managed to do everything and it was very interesting, mint látni fogod. But I couldn’t have done it without a lot of experience.

jegyzet: a végén, he has his face masked, but that was really a necessary condition: he would never have accepted otherwise.
And I don’t think it’s too annoying because there are already plenty of shots of his handsome face. One can’t have everything!
And what I got (neked) that day was already several times more than themaximum imaginable (by him) initially”!
If, at our initial meeting, I had told him a tenth of what we did in reality, this session would never have taken place because he would have refused outright, that’s for sure, and you’ll be convinced of that when you see the videos.

There’s only one session with Tyler, and I hope you enjoy it to the extent it’s worth (and its rarity and highly difficult, almost impossible nature).

It’s really something not to be missed!

Many thanks to Ronnie for having fully sponsored this session! 🙂


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